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About business

Bakening is an online bakery that makes pastries with natural ingredients only, without preservatives, additives or refined sugar. They had a compelling brand story as this business was founded by their founder who had health issue which got resolved through healthier diet. 

Problem faced

However, the brand faced a few business problems

  • Their market size was small and limited 

  • Bakening also lacks a coherent brand identity across all their collections, making it hard for brand recall

  • They were unable to differentiate themselves from other "healthier brands"

Our plan

Therefore, we decided to

  • Reposition Bakening from a bakery for people with dietary restrictions, to a brand that inspires everyone to snack healthily.

  • Created a new logo to encapsulate their brand values

  • Rebranded Bakening into a youthful and fun brand 

  • Created a new website to show off the brand's youthfulness and to showcase its unique selling points

Expanded Bakening's target audience and generated 4x returns from online advertisements  

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 4.13.38 PM.png


Bakening do not take short cuts and food is made fresh, with 100% natural ingredients. Their mission to to craft foods that bring out the best in everyone.

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