Branding is more than just a logo. Its people's perception/gut feeling towards
your brand

Your Brand is Not Your Logo 

Our Brand Strategy 

Discovery Session 

An intense two hours workshop whereby we dive deep into your brand to identify your brand’s current performance, difficulties and challenge your assumptions. We identify your company’s vision to know where you want to be and set attainable goals. We then set tangible goals such as change in brand perception, market share, annual revenue, customers and so on to be achieved at the end of our branding project.

Why You Need a Discovery Session 

Brand differentiation

We identify the strength of your company, the target audience, vision and mission of your company. We then take a look at your direct and indirect competitors to do a deep dive and see how you can differentiate your brand with other competitors with tangible and soft offerings so that you don't have to fight a price war. 



Every brand should have something that it stands for.  During this discovery session, we would, identify your brand values, core brand messages and how your brand "behaves" if it is a person so that your customers can resonate with it. 

Blue ocean strategy 

We will identify potential markets that you can enter, new target audiences which you can acquire and brands whom you can collaborate with to expand your market share. 


We will come up with a marketing road map consisting of online and offline marketing strategy, advising you on how you can differentiate your brand and acquire customers. 

What you will get 


  • Differentiation Strategy

  • Brand Audit 

  • Brand Positioning

  • Tagline 

  • Internal Brand Alignment 

  • Brand Values

  • Brand Message 

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