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At We Narrate Brands, our team is split into a few groups to focus on a particular industry. Over here, we have a team who specialises in marketing for education providers.

We create customised advertisements to generate leads for you with our strategic marketing funnel

Inventive Kids

1. Brand Awareness

We create video to showcase your company’s unique selling point to let more people know about you

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Illume | Inventive Kids

2. Leads Generation Advertisements

We create customised advertisements for leads generation: 


We conduct A/B testing through various leads generation method such as Whatsapp, Website and Social Media Sign ups

Inventive Kids

3. Website Traffic

We direct traffic to customised landing page for sign ups

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Content Creation

We create social media content customised to your business, educating your prospect on your unique selling points.



Website visitors: 235%

Profile visits: 110%


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