Stop engaging in price competition. Find the gap in your market and buyers with detailed market research and become the leading player in your field.   

Develop Blue Ocean Strategy 

Blue ocean strategy refers to un-chartered waters and industry where there are few competitors. Find out how you can you avoid price competition by plugging into market gap, offer value-added services or products which your competitors can't to build a loyal following with our market research. 

Our Methodology 

We interview stakeholders: your staff on the ground, your customers, your prospects to validate your assumptions shared during the discovery session.

Customer survey 

We interview your customers to ask some of the most intimate questions such as their perception towards you, how did they know you and how often do they come back for you to know how you stand versus your competitors.

General Population survey 

Validate your hypothesis with our general population. Get concrete data on what your potential target audience is buying, competitors whom they are consuming from and price point that they are willing to accept.  

Competitor analysis 

Identification of strong competitors amongst your consumers and prospects to find out your competitors strength and what motivates your prospects to purchase from them. Identify differentiating point to direct your product, services and brand messaging. 

Employee survey 

Your staff may be the face of your company and they may know your consumers best. Hence, we conduct staff interview to understand what do they feel about your company, what are your  consumers like, and what makes them motivated at work for internal brand alignment. 

Why You Need Market Research 


  • Identification of gaps between management and staff 

  • Understanding of consumers lifestyle and preferences

  • Understanding of general public perception of your brand and their behaviour 

  • Validation of your hypothesis for future market expansion 

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