Its people's gut feeling towards
your brand

Your Brand is Not Your Logo 

Why Engaged In Branding?

The main purpose of branding is to get more people to buy more stuff for more years at a higher price. 

Our Branding Methodology

TSB Methodology-02.png

Branding is a fuzzy concept, so we break it down into 5 pillars to build your brand's DNA 

How We Increase Your Brand's Market Share 

Brand Differentiation 

  • We identify your brand's X-factor after breaking down your brand's DNA according to the 5 pillars.

  • We start crafting your brand's personality to be distinct from the market. 

Blue Ocean Strategy 

  • We identify gaps in the market 

  • Target audience which is underserved in the market

  • Extra products or offerings which your brand can do to differentiate from others 

  • Extra services to solve customers' pain points  


  • Marketing Roadmap 

  • Establishment of tangible goals (revenue, customers, average order value)

  • Offline marketing strategy 

  • Online marketing strategy 

  • Digital channels to be on

  • Partners for brands collaboration