Humble Beginnings
We were initially working in an MNC , doing digital marketing for a big company. However, we gradually grew tired and bored of working in that company as we realised that there were many others smaller companies and  individuals who had entrepreneurial dreams but not knowing how to realise them. Some wanted to sell eco-friendly items, some wanted to open their very own manicure salons. We started to share digital marketing expertise with them, created their websites and began to run digital campaigns. Not only did their business grow, but we too realised that curating brands and doing marketing to realise someone's dream is very meaningful. Hence, we decided to take a plunge and created our very own agency. And the rest as they said, is history. 


Perpetual is more than a word. It is our philosophy, an unending quest for excellence to explore and share stories. We believe in building brands that last, just like our storytelling.  

take a plunge with us 

We know that it is tough to set up your own business, cause we have been through it. Let us help you in making baby steps with a free consultation.